design collection -3_Q

3_Squares are excavated to store cutlery, rest bread, dip into a thread of oil... a "strongly identifying kit" whose composition, color, and finish can be customized. The union is a preciousness... two circles, in brass or stainless steel, to give an unexpected but sober elegance.
SET 3 pz / pc

Arch. Giuseppe Furio

6x6x3 cm (1 pz.)

2”,36X2”,36x1”,18 (1 pc)

0,2 kg (1 pz)

0,44 lb (1 pc)

The collection

The Romagno Marmi collection represents an innovative and sustainable solution for managing waste materials, through the objective of recycling and reusing. The idea is to transform materials intended for the production of aggregates into authentic objects of design and daily use. The collection not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing new products, but also promotes creativity and aesthetics in reuse. The end result is a true rebirth for waste materials, which acquire a new dignity and purpose thanks to the passion and skill of the artisans.

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