Since 1947 we have based our successes on quality, research and innovation, customer assistance, enhancement of materials and a strong propensity for internationalization.

The high quality of our products is achieved through an optimal combination of industrial technologies and artisan production processes. By developing our research skills, through the enhancement of individual professional skills, we preserve the values ​​and traditions of our history within a company structure in continuous technological evolution.


Our main goal is to provide the highest quality available. We dedicate the outmost care in selecting each single material through careful inspections inside the quarries. If the product is found suitable to set parameters will become Romagno Marmi product.

Research & Innovation

The ability to create timeless product has to be sought in synergy between artisan tradition and technological evolution, in the constant joining of creative ideas and design skills. Innovation is the fundamental instrument to reach a dual objective: provide a concrete answer to all issues, through the broad experimentation of new materials and productive technology. This approach allows a constant improvement of our operational efficiencies. Innovation process allow us to constantly interact with architects and designers, satisfying every kind of technical need.


We devote great attention and care to the selection of raw materials, through the employment of well recognized professionals who are active Worldwide. We have continuous updates of new materials. All technical information is transferred to our final customers, to assure that their choices are the results of an accurate and broader assessment. Since 1947, the year of our foundation, we have been establishing a strong and beneficial relationship with our suppliers, forging an authentic partnership.


At our company you are welcomed by real professionals, which assist the customers during their projects. The technical-aesthetic features of the materials are illustrated and discussed to obtain appropriate results. Our expertise will always be at the customer's disposal for the detection of measurements on site, installation, and post-sale support.


Romagno Marmi trade mark is recognized internationally. Thanks to years of experience acquired in producing bespoke stone works for projects around the world. A great landmark in this development has been realized with the opening of an office in London. The English capital, chosen as a logistics center for the foreign market, allow us to offer to our customers the maximum assistance.

Ethical code

Our exceptional reputation is based on a strong ethical code which is ubiquitous throughout our company culture. We carefully evaluate each customer requirement, and ensure that the consultative approach to customers is always in line with our quality standards. The productive process is carried out with the utmost ecological respect.
  • We have reduced our energy consumption by installing an architectural integrated photovoltaic power plant.
  • Adopted a recycling water system
  • Differentiated waste collection

Our story


Our foundation

Vito Romagno in collaboration of two “MARBLE ARTISANS” sets up a craftsmen’s workshop, undertaking minor jobs, by just using a cutter and a polishing machine.


The first plant is established, employing 25 people

Production is mainly done for residential buildings, but at the same time major project work is developed , using gang saws, bridge cranes, multi disk saws machinery, which at that time were considered at the forefront.


Romagno Marmi S.r.l.

Thanks to the rapid commercial growth, a new 25 thousand square meters plant is opened, of which 2,500 sq. mt dedicated to production and 3,000 sq. mt as a storage area. The company now bears a new commercial name “ROMAGNO MARMI S.r.l.” Production, which was previously based on resin-marble tiles, it is now extended to modular-marble, and inlay- modular systems.


Thin cut production line implemented
A state-of-the-art production line for cutting, calibrating and polishing slabs of various thicknesses, and in particular for thin cut requirements (1cm) is implemented.


New production line purchased
A new production line is purchased. Polychrome inlays of various sizes and thicknesses can be developed.


First Numerical Control machine purchased
The first numerical control machine is purchased. This new computerized equipment supports the production of shower trays, sinks, columns etc.


Moving abroad: the London Headquarter
Beginning of a major trade development abroad, with Headquarters in London. This strategic decision brings growth to the company internationally.


More than 500 different types of materials

Importanti acquisizioni di vari nuovi materiali sono realizzati, arricchendo la collezione attualmente disponibile che copre più di 500 diversi tipi di materiali tra cui scegliere.


Second high performance numerical control machine
Acquisition of a second high-performance numerical control machine that allows an accurate and detailed production.


Logistic reorganization

Logistic reorganization, which enables to view the entire collection inventory attainable.